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What is Nature Room Thyborøn?

This nature room is a room in nature

It is a very special attraction where the natural conditions in combination with existing and newly erected elements focus on nature, sea, fjord, animals, history and cultural marks rooted in this area.
The nature room is meant to create a framework and a point of departure for playing and learning, for fun and seriousness, mild as well as wild aspects.

In Nature Room Thyborøn there are experiences for individuals as well as for groups. Here you may follow the changes of the passing year day by day, or you may visit at specially chosen times of the year, for example on a stormy autumn day or on a midsummer’s evening when the sea is like a silken mirror, or you may just be visiting incidentally on a holiday in Northwestern Jutland.

The nature room is a number of challenging spots placed within the area. At the northern end there are several exciting details intended for playing and social games, and if you follow one of the two trails, you will pass even more of such possibilities. Altogether there are 9 quite unique places to explore. All of them have been built of materials that agree with the surrounding nature and the fishing culture basic to Thyborøn.